Service Management System (NDT Solutions)

SMS (NDT Solutions) application developed for NDT based companies to generate reports.


Service Management System (NDT Solutions)

We have developed “Service Management System (NDT Solutions)” application for NDT Industries, where you can generate your Inspection report with logical flow. With this you can save your time & extra work. This is a GUI Based application which is easy for operation. Your Data will be stored at Centralized Server. Easy to find previous records. Pending Bills & Reports available in One Click. Service Management System is a complete business solution: it can be fully integrated throughout your organization, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll and service systems.

Service Management System (NDT Solutions) application is exclusively designed for NDT & Welding Inspections based Companies.

Service Management System Comprises- Daily Work Details, Business Work Flow, NDT Trainings and Certifications, Billing, Purchase, Payroll, Attendance Management, Marketing Management & Quotation Reminder, Accounting, User Management &Customizable Module Permissions and many other features as per Business Demands.

Reports: -Service Management System Reporting helps you to generate reports which give you fully actionable data that allows you to drill into information quickly and easily.

A quick look into some of the Reports that Service Management System reporting generates:

  • Business Growth Report on Sale.
    • Company Sale & expense report with Graph.
  • Service Tax Report.
  • Daily work details Report.
    • Client wise report.
    • Employee Wise Report.
    • Employee Productivity Report.
  • Work Profile:- Test report and client wise Report.
    • Magnetic Particle Testing Report.
    • Penetrant Testing Report.
    • Ultrasonic Testing Report.
    • Radiographic Testing Report.
    • Hardness Testing Report.
  • NDT Trainings & Certifications.
    • Student registration.
    • Training Details.
    • Certification.
  • Payroll Report.
    • Salary Sleep.
    • Salary report yearly.
  • Attendance Report.
    • Employee Wise Report.
    • Attendance Wise Report.
  • Marketing Report.
    • Report with next visiting details.
  • Masters Reports:-
    • Employee Masters Reports.
    • Client Masters Reports.
    • Item Masters Reports.
    • Supplier Master.
  • Account.
    • Group Master.
    • Ledger Master.
    • Ledger Book.
    • Voucher Entry.
    • Outstanding.
    • Profit and loss.

And so many other Reports which you use in day to day Business World.

Application Benefits

  • User friendly
  • This is Multiuser Software.
  • We know your business values and we secure you in extensive way.
  • User can Export report to Excel and PDF facility
  • Printing Facility
  • We have Reduced Paper work.
  • Embedded Security, Fully Customizable
  • Logical Flows
  • Create as many user accounts as you need
  • Admin can change passwords for users, add, and delete users with ease
  • View All Transaction with one click.
  • Generating report quickly with stored parameters to save the time.
  • Always Profitable for Business.
  • Saving your valuable time.
  • Installation quickly on Client Machine.
  • Data Store at Centralize location.

Development Platform:- Service Management System has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows® operating systems to provide users with a familiar interface.

Frontend:- Visual Studio C# 2008, 2010.

Backend:- SQL server 2005 SP2, 2008 R2.

Operating System for Server:- Windows Server 2008 Server.

Runtime applications:- .Net 3.5 and above. Windows installer 3.1.