Development of generic applications to save costs and to allow your staff to focus on more strategic business directions.

Our Services

Development of generic applications to save costs and to allow your staff to focus on more strategic business directions. The legacy applications can also be upgraded to suitable current technologies to gain more mileage. This area can help you create customized business applications – business process automation, exclusive reporting for the executive team, tracking and monitoring new initiatives and productivity. As businesses change, often existing systems do not satisfy the needs as per the business scenario. With iCanopus Technology's proven expertise in technical areas such as .NET Framework, Java etc. You can take care of your customized needs and enjoy the benefit of better control and ability to make correct and efficient decisions

Software Development

iCanopus Technology believes that software development should not be restricted to code creation and project delivery. It is inclusive of an accurate comprehension of the client’s requirements and business goals and, on the basis of this comprehension, recommendations of a cost-effective solution with a fine blend of technology.

Android Development

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WebSite Development

The twenty first century is crazily driven by technology and businesses are also not lagging behind it. Be it a small business or a big one, they have to set their presence online. That is the key to develop and grow business. Therefore, every business has its own website developed and designed to attract customers. The website has a lot of parameters and aspects that need to be fulfilled. The most important facet of a website is the way it’s been designed and presented. This requires expertise and creativity and therefore, successful businesses consult professional web development companies and get their website developed in a professional way.

IT Supports

Recruit, Build and Operate your own Infrastructure support team in your company. However, you will face mighty challenge to build such a team of the highest calibre if it does not fit into your organization’s core competencies and strategic direction for the future. Alternatively, you can get an external Infrastructure Specialist organization to provide adhoc or on-going support for you. You need support rendered at on-site, near-site or off-site either in-person, by phone or email. iCanopus Technology has been offering customized support services on agreed SLA (Service Level Agreements) terms with penalties for poor service and reward for exceeding expectations. Because IT Infrastructure is our core competency, we are able to meet the SLA terms successfully.

Hosting Services

If you want to display your website online and want others to see it, you need to tie the knot with iCanopus Technology hosting with a domain name and then upload the content. TYPES OF HOSTING 1. Share web hosting : 2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) : 3. Dedicated Server :

Database Management

Data is the most valuable resource of an organisation. Your data keeps accumulating in your warehouse from every conceivable media ranging from operational and transactional systems, scanners, sensors and smart meters, inbound and outbound customer contact points, mobile media and the Web.